Eula Turner, an enthusiastic writer, volunteer, gardener and friend, creates word-pictures to satisfy the spark ignited by Laura Powell, her seventh grade teacher. She enjoys helping others communicate ideas, inspire audiences, and inform employees, customers, and board members.

Initially, Eula Turner wrote school assignments, graduated to a column in her local newspaper, and began to write and edit for family and friends. She edited her college newspaper before becoming the “go to” person on the job whenever the finished product was important.

Eula Turner has written a variety of documents. In addition to her rich history with nonprofits, she worked in government agencies and corporations. For 19 years, she hosted a one-hour radio program focused on child and family issues. Even though Turner lost her bid for a state senate seat, she raised important issues relative to children, families, and the environment.

Married to her college sweetheart shortly after graduation, Turner dotes on their adult son who encourages her to pursue her dreams.

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