About Eula Turner

I always knew I wanted to help people. But “how” to help them was the question! At first, I thought pediatric nursing was the answer. As I held my niece to keep her from moving, a doctor “sewed up” a cut above her eye without anesthesia. This experience squashed that idea!

Then I thought about working with adults. But a closer look “at a day in the life of a nurse” and the lack of upward mobility nixed that too. Next I turned to the English curriculum as a prelude to a writing career. That never happened! But life did — marriage, a baby, and work in a variety of jobs.

To prepare for my craft, I read and wrote at every opportunity. Friends and family often asked me to write or edit pieces for them. In college, I joined the newspaper staff and became the editor. Later I was the “Go-to-Person” on the job whenever the finished product was important.

Through it all, I insisted that one day I would make a living writing.

My focus has been mainly on children and families. In my bid for a State senate seat, I raised important issues relative to education and the environment.

I was born, attended school, and left for college from the same small rural, farming community. My parents protected my eight siblings and me from many of life’s harshest realities.

Joining the 4-H Club launched me into the world beyond farming. I spoke publicly, conducted presentations, and learned the art of buying quality plus style.

My first 4-H project was a friendly takeover of 100 chickens from an older brother. Soon I learned to sew, freeze and can fruits and vegetables, and conduct demonstrations. I was also a top salesperson in my county. Adults often asked me, “What are you selling today.”

I kept detailed project records and participated in most 4-H activities. My “reward” was a six-month all-expense paid trip to Norway.

Today, I am married to my college sweetheart. We are grandparents. And I am finally making a living as a writer.

Being a deaconess, teaching Sunday School, and attending weekly prayer service are among my church activities.

I completed Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) Inc.’s 10-study series and started a topical Bible study with family and friends.

American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI)­­­­­­­­­ verified me as copy writer. I am also a member of the Circle of Success and the Professional Writer’s Alliance.