White Papers

If you need an authoritative report or guide to address your prospects’ problem and show them how to solve it, let Eula Turner educate your readers so they can make an informed decision. Turner has experience in education, politics, business, nonprofits, and government. This broad background allows her to write persuasive documents that describe your customers’ problem and position your product or service as the solution.



When you need to inform, educate or call people to action, depend on Eula Turner to select the right words to engage your audience.


Case Studies

Do you need to tell your story accurately and succinctly? Contact Eula Turner to weave your words into a coherent presentation of how you solved a problem with your product or service and the resulting benefit to your customer.


Ghost Writing

There is information in each of us that wants and, sometimes, needs to get out. Often it is a matter of time – too little time with too much to do. But sometimes, it’s a matter of know-how. Whatever the situation, if you want to inform, inspire or encourage others, partner with Eula Turner to get your words before your target audience.